Aromatherapy massage is a gentle massage allowing the essential oils to do the work. Each time a massage is required I will always go through with you anything that is affecting you at the time. As a result of this the essential oils will be selected and I will ask you to choose the three that you like the most. These will then be blended with an appropriate base oil to suit your skin needs and used for the massage. It is also possible to have a blend made up for home use should you prefer or as an addition to the massage.


Massage would be a massage without any essential oils added, using a high quality base oil. Massage can be either deeper or muscular based or more gentle depending on your requirements. This type of massage is usually described as holistic or Swedish in nature.


Reflexology is a treatment that is usually carried out on the feet, although it possible to do hands if preferred or required. Reflexology uses a gentle pressure over each area and organ in the body. Where there are sensitivities highlighted during the treatment, I will ask if there has ever been a problem in a particular area. Under no circumstances however can reflexology be used as a diagnostic tool. If required a referral to your GP will be made for further investigation, prior to any further treatment being carried out.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a very relaxing treatment concentrating on the upper back, arms, neck, shoulders, scalp, head and finishing on the face. It is possible to do this massage fully clothed if preferred. The use of oils for this massage is optional, although they can enhance the massage and make it smoother.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies were founded by Dr Edward Bach and are used to treat emotional issues. There are 38 remedies in Dr Bach’s complete system and each one works on a different emotion. During a consultation the practitioner will identify the remedies that are appropriate for you at the time; these will then be blended in a treatment bottle. There are usually up to seven remedies in a treatment bottle, the remedies are added to spring water and all of the remedies are preserved in a very small amount of brandy. It is possible to obtain the remedies preserved in glycerine should the alcohol be a problem. The treatment bottle will last up to three weeks and then be reviewed to assess any changes needed to the remedies. If necessary further treatments, and follow up can be arranged, until such time that the remedies are no longer required.

Thermal Auricular Therapy

To begin with the face is cleaned with rose water or witch hazel. Once comfortably lying on your side on the couch, a lit candle made of pure cotton and blended with aromatherapy oils or plain will be gently placed in the ear. The patient will experience a warm sensation, and may hear crackling sounds as the sinuses open up. It is a very relaxing therapy that can really help with sinus problems, tension and headaches, a great help for those who have a fatigue syndrome such as Fibromyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, amongst many other issues. The candle usually takes about ten minutes to burn down on each ear. Afterwards, a sinus drainage massage will be done to complete the treatment. Essential oils may be used if needed or wanted.

Natural Oils for Sale

Our homemade Aromatherapy massage oils are available to buy either from our clinic or our new online shop.

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Our homemade Aromatherapy massage oils are available to buy either from our clinic or our new online shop.

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Our homemade Aromatherapy massage oils are available to buy either from our clinic or our new online shop.

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